Our Staff

Jacob Stout

Practice and Business Administrator

Jacob, nicknamed “Mr. Amazing,” regularly lives up to the title, bringing an incredible spirit of encouragement and adventure to the team! He enjoys spending his spare time with family and playing with his pup “Nala.” His favorite snacks are Snickers and Doritos. His favorite movie is Karate Kid; he loves the Hamilton soundtrack, and his favorite color is blue.

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (Accounting)

Karen Byrd

Administrative Coordinator

Karen is our Dog Training aficionado, conducting obedience and agility training in her spare time. She also loves hiking and horseback riding. Her favorite movie is Gone with the Wind, and her favorite book is Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. She loves to listen to Contemporary Christian and Southern Gospel music, and some of her favorite snacks are Zero Bars, granola bars, nuts, and cheese. Karen’s favorite color is pink. Interesting fact: She has no sense of smell!

Tammy Gregg

Head Veterinary Technician

Tammy is lovingly known as the protective “mother figure” of the All Pets Team--a trait that has earned her such nicknames as “Mama Jo” and “Mama T.” In her free time, she loves crafting, baking beautiful cakes, and getting involved with church activities. Tammy’s favorite color is green. She is allergic to many things, with a special aversion to mushrooms.

Education: Associates degree in Veterinary Medical Technology (RVT), AB Tech

Heather Carney

Head Customer Service Representative

Heather brings so much joy to the All Pets Family! She loves lavender and gardenia scents, and she enjoys all different dog breeds. In her spare time, she loves to sing, and is a fantastic organizer! She loves the Carolina Panthers, and her favorite movie is Avatar. Sometimes, she may even answer to the nickname “Bunny.”

Brianna Mickey, RVT

Veterinary Technician

Brianna, most often referred to as Brie, is the goat expert of the family, with a background in showing and breeding goats. In her free time, she enjoys reading, farming, and hiking. Her favorite candy is dark chocolate Reese’s, and she loves romantic comedies, sci-fi movies, and historical films. Brie is allergic to corn, loves the color blue, and her favorite decade is the 1950’s!

Education: Associates degree in Veterinary Medical Technology (RVT), AB Tech

Kelcey Field

Veterinary Technician and Customer Service Representative

Nicknamed “Kelmo” by her work-family, Kelcey brings a lot of laughs to the team! She loves Harry Potter, and her favorite movie series is The Hobbit. She enjoys listening to country music, and her favorite candies are sour skittles and Reese’s chocolate. In her spare time, she loves to be with her precious baby! She loves the smell of Eucalyptus Mint; Her favorite dog breed is the Boxer.

Education: Associates degree in Veterinary Medical Technology, AB Tech.

David Woody

Veterinary Assistant and Inventory Manager

David, known best by his friends and colleagues as Davey, is one of our most fun-loving team members! His favorite book is The Hardy Boys, and he loves football (Clemson is his team of choice!). He has a special love for Bulldogs of any shape or size (Frenchies, English bulldogs, American bulldogs, Boxer-Bulldogs, etc.); he also loves Reese’s chocolates. In his spare time, he loves working with farm animals. His favorite movie is Private Eyes; He loves watermelon, and he is allergic to coconuts!

Education: Bachelor of Science, Agriculture and Natural Resources

Danielle Babbitt-Spillars

Veterinary Assistant

Danielle is the tech that always seems to have a smile on her face! In her spare time, she enjoys horseback riding, animal rescue, and coloring mandalas. Her favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice, followed closely by any animated Disney movie. Her favorite foods are hot wings, gummy bears, and veggies & dip. Dubbed “Danielley” or “DBS” by her colleagues, she loves to listen to old country (Willie Nelson) and old rock music.

Angela “Angie” Bates

Veterinary Assistant

Known lovingly by the rest of the All Pets Family for her love of Metallica and the 80s, Angie brings a lot of adventure to the team. She enjoys reading books by Dean Koontz, and her favorite snacks are Peanut Butter M&Ms, Snickers, and Cheetos. Her favorite movie is The Goonies; She collects Altoid tins; she is allergic to cat and dog dander!

Patrick Peterson

Veterinary Assistant

Patrick is an avid lover of mixed dog breeds. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, kayaking, and playing basketball and soccer. Affectionately known as “Triple P” by the All Pets Team, he is also infamous for his love of Nesquick powder as a snack food. He also loves Kit-Kat bars and Reese’s chocolate. Patrick loves Hip-Hop and Indie Rock music and his favorite movie is Animal House.

Audrey Mixon

Customer Service Representative

Nicknamed “Oodie” by the All Pets Team, Audrey enjoys drawing in her spare time-in fact, many of her works are featured in the hospital! She loves contemporary Christian music, and some of her favorite snack foods are sour candies, Toblerone, and hummus and chips. She has a special affinity for German Shepherds; She loves the smell of coffee. She has the most adorable little boy, who is the apple of her eye.

Ashleigh Jones

Customer Service Representative

Ashleigh enjoys crafting in her spare time, with a special interest in interior design and Rustic home decor. She loves to read the works of Nicholas Sparks, and her favorite movie is “The Help.” She loves 90’s country music, and her favorite sweets are Blow Pops, sugar cookies, and strawberries. She loves Yorkies, and her favorite color is purple. Her favorite decades are the 1950’s and the 80’s.

Katie Marlowe

Kennel Assistant

Katie, affectionately nicknamed “Puff-Puff” for her love of Harry Potter (specifically, the Hufflepuff house), is the Newfoundland lover of the All Pets Family. In her free time, she loves to participate in water rescue training with Newfies, as well as draft work, and conformation showing. She is a skilled writer also. She loves foxes, and her favorite snacks are suckers, hard candy, and peppermint bark. Katie loves to read historical fiction, and she is an avid lover of Disney and Marvel movies. She also loves Christmas music!

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