Digital Radiography

One of the most important diagnostic innovations at All Pets Animal Hospital and Rehabilitation Center is our cutting-edge digital radiography (x-ray) system. Quality x-ray imaging is especially important in veterinary medicine, due to our pet’s inability to communicate where they may be hurting. Our compassionate and experienced veterinarians use this advanced technology each day, diagnosing issues that often cannot be seen on physical examinations.

Digital radiography is superior to older film-based systems in both speed as well as the quality of the images produced. Our veterinarians can examine the x-ray images generated by our system within seconds, meaning treatment may begin right away if necessary. Our digital images may also be enhanced and manipulated on our computer system, resulting in fewer retakes and faster treatment.

Other advantages of digital radiography over film-based x-rays include the ability to email the images to board-certified radiologists in the event of a complicated case. Film images would have to be physically transported to a radiologist in such a case, wasting valuable treatment time. Also, the digital x-ray unit at All Pets Animal Hospital and Rehabilitation Center is considered green, as no chemicals are required to develop our x-ray images.

If you are searching for a veterinary hospital to care for your precious pet, consider the experience of our doctors and the advanced technology available at All Pets Animal Hospital and Rehabilitation Center in Asheville, North Carolina. Call one of our caring team members to schedule an appointment today!