AVMA COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions for Pet Owners

CDC Information on Coronavirus

*Dear Clientele,*
*THANK YOU for your patience and understanding as you have navigated through Covid-19 along with All Pets Animal Hospital.*

*We are proud to have been able to serve you, without fail, during the pandemic. We went to great lengths, both inside and outside our hospital, to keep you, your pets, and our staff protected. *

*At this time, we are cautiously optimistic about opening our doors to engage in in-person visits!*

*We will begin on Monday, March 7th, with limited in-person visits. **We will increase availability of in-person visits as the weeks progress and all remain healthy!*

*Information you need to know:*

- *When you arrive for your appointment -- in-person OR curbside -- Please call from your car 828-645-5252 option #5 to let us know you are here.*

- *We will still conduct curbside visits. Many people are medically compromised and wish to be served with extreme safety and we are happy to accommodate!*

- *In order to keep our lobby from becoming overfilled and unsafe, we will continue to deliver medications and foods to your car.*

- *For an in-person visit, the veterinary technician will come to your car to initiate the check-in process. When the exam room is ready, we will bring you straight into the exam room.*

- *At this time, as we proceed with vigilance, we will require that all entering our building wear a face covering. If you do not have a mask or face covering, one will be provided for you.*

- *When scheduling your pet's appointment, our customer service team member will go over all of the above with you and answer any questions you may have.*

*We have several staff members with medical conditions that place them in a high-risk category. Your kindness and understanding is paramount to each one of us!*

*After such a long time of living in a state of tension and concern, we are excited to take this step toward normalcy! *

*THANK YOU for walking this journey with us!!*

*All Pets Animal Hospital Doctors and Staff*

*Dr. Joshua Cook*
*Dr. Vinnie Gibaldi*
*Dr. Ginny Grant*
*Dr. Paul Dalbery*
*Dr. Stephanie Foster*
*Dr. Julie Williamson*

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