Our Staff

Karen Byrd

Administrative Coordinator

Karen is our Dog Training aficionado, conducting obedience and agility training in her spare time. She also loves hiking and horseback riding. Her favorite movie is Gone with the Wind, and her favorite book is Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. She loves to listen to Contemporary Christian and Southern Gospel music, and some of her favorite snacks are Zero Bars, granola bars, nuts, and cheese. Karen’s favorite color is pink. Interesting fact: She has no sense of smell!

Tammy Gregg

Head Veterinary Technician

Tammy is lovingly known as the protective “mother figure” of the All Pets Team--a trait that has earned her such nicknames as “Mama Jo” and “Mama T.” In her free time, she loves crafting, baking beautiful cakes, and getting involved with church activities. Tammy’s favorite color is green. She is allergic to many things, with a special aversion to mushrooms.

Education: Associates degree in Veterinary Medical Technology (RVT), AB Tech

Brianna Mickey, RVT

Registered Veterinary Technician

Brianna, most often referred to as Brie, is the goat expert of the family, with a background in showing and breeding goats. In her free time, she enjoys reading, farming, and hiking. Her favorite candy is dark chocolate Reese’s, and she loves romantic comedies, sci-fi movies, and historical films. Brie is allergic to corn, loves the color blue, and her favorite decade is the 1950’s!

Education: Associates degree in Veterinary Medical Technology (RVT), AB Tech

Olivia Mathes

Registered Veterinary Technician

Olivia, Or “Liv” as Dr. Paul fondly calls her, is a great new addition to the All Pets Team! She completed her degree in Veterinary Medical Technology in 2018 and is now a Registered Veterinary Technician. She is our very own pop culture queen. Marvel’s “The Avengers” is one of her favorite franchises to follow. She is also a zombie lover and can be found watching “The Walking Dead.” Her favorite dog breeds are Pit Bulls, Dachshunds and Chihuahuas. On her day off, Olivia spends time with her sweet furbaby named Willow.

David Woody

Veterinary Assistant and Inventory Manager

David, known best by his friends and colleagues as Davey, is one of our most fun-loving team members! His favorite book is The Hardy Boys, and he loves football (Clemson is his team of choice!). He has a special love for Bulldogs of any shape or size (Frenchies, English bulldogs, American bulldogs, Boxer-Bulldogs, etc.); he also loves Reese’s chocolates. In his spare time, he loves working with farm animals. His favorite movie is Private Eyes; He loves watermelon, and he is allergic to coconuts!

Education: Bachelor of Science, Agriculture and Natural Resources

Rachael Styles

Veterinary Assistant

Rachael has been in the veterinary field for quite a while, over 13 years but just recently joined the All Pets Team in 2019. She has a special interest in exotics pets and loves seeing them come into the clinic. Oddly enough though, she is allergic to rabbits. Rachael has a house full of sweet animals including her dog, Sheldon and 2 cats, Frank and Fern! She is an avid gardener and has quite the collection of plants around her home.

Ashleigh Jones

Customer Service Representative

Ashleigh, born and raised in Burnsville,NC, joined our All Pets Family in 2018. She shares her home with her husband, Christian, a yorkie, Ruby, a shipoo named Jordy and their german shepherd K-9, Kane. Ashleigh can often be found in the kitchen grabbing a snack, she has a major sweet tooth. Chocolate and caramel are some of her favorites! During her days off, Ashleigh loves expressing her artsy side through crafting, event planning and interior design. She also loves to snuggle up on the couch with her furbabies, to watch movies! “Steel Magnolias” and “The Help” are some of her go-to’s!

Pamela Burgess

Customer Service Representative

Pam is a graduate from the University of South Florida with a B.A. in history. In 2010, after spending 30 years in restaurant management Pam began a career in animal welfare, joining us in 2018. Pam is owned by 2 cats, Midge, and Milly. She considers her pet sitting clients her extended family. Along with a passion for cats, Pam is a professional photographer, owning a small business. She enjoys taking photographs of animals at a local rescue and of nature during her down time.

Fletcher Page

Customer Service Representative

Fletcher was born and raised in Greenville, SC and is excited to call Asheville his new home. When Fletcher isn’t greeting you and your pets with his warm smile, he is spending his time with his fiance and their dog Sheldon and 2 cats Frank and Fern. Fletcher also enjoys visiting breweries, spending time outside and whipping up something delicious in the kitchen. His favorite color is green (the darker, the better), and his favorite musical artists are Dolly Parton and Fleetwood Mac.

Allison Greene

Customer Service Representative

Allison is excited to be back in her hometown of Asheville, NC. Her sweet yorkie Levi, made the move back with her from Virginia. In her spare time, Allison enjoys yoga, hiking and exploring around Western North Carolina. She can be found snacking on cheese sticks, berries and gummies but you won't find her with any raisins (yuck!). Allison is an avid lover of all types of podcasts and is currently listening to “Dolly Parton’s America.” When at home, you can often find her crocheting and crafting.

Katie Szymanski

Veterinary Technician

Katie, a native of Asheville, received her degree in Parks and Recreation from NC State in 2008. After working in marketing for the family business, Katie decided to pursue her passion for animals and went back to school. She received her degree in Veterinary Medical Technology A.A.S. in 2013. Katie, along with Joseph her husband of 2 years, enjoys hiking with their dog Juniper and snuggling with her feline friend Ralpie.

Casey Gaskin-Aukett

Veterinary Assistant

Casey received her Associates in Zoo Animal Technology from Santa Fe College teaching zoo in Florida and worked for a rescue for two years after receiving her degree. She moved to Asheville in 2018 where she has continued her career in veterinary medicine. Casey is currently in the veterinary technician program at Penn Foster College. She enjoys being able to hike with her dog Simba in our beautiful mountains as well as relaxing while watching Netflix. When not working Casey can be found pet sitting exotic pets and farm animals.

Chyenne Shouse

Veterinary Assistant

Chyenne was born in Florida and enjoyed traveling the country before making Asheville her home in 2019. Her fondness for all animals (except spiders, which she has a fear of) led her to attend the Animal Behavior College where she trained to be a veterinary assistant. She has a fondness for all kinds of food and enjoys going to the local breweries. If the weather is nice you can find her hiking and swimming in the rivers and lakes. When she isn’t working or tending to her own animals which include goats, chickens, Ball Pythons, bearded dragons and three dogs she loves to paint and crochet.


CEO of All Pets Animal Hospital

Carl, the “top dog” around the clinic, graduated from the Cat Academy of “Hard Knocks” and joined us in 2016. Previously Carl attempted to work in a farm management position, but he had a hard time getting his subordinates in line, so he was transferred here to the big city of Asheville, where he has no problems keeping his staff under his paw. As a dedicated member of the team Carl will completely ignore dogs, staying just out of reach. He also likes to entertain our clients with his cute sit and high five. Carl’s favorite pastimes are napping in the sun and eating, eating and more eating!

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