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    Our mission is to provide compassionate, high-quality veterinary care while providing our clients with educational tools in all aspects of animal care and ownership.

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(COVID-19) Client Risk Exposure Minimization Policy

At All Pets Animal Hospital, the health and wellbeing of our clients and staff is not only important, but paramount to fulfilling our mission. Our clients demand proactive approaches to supplying their beloved pets with the care they deserve, even during difficult situations. We have resolved to take definitive action within our hospital to prevent the spread of disease, ameliorate barriers that keep our clients from providing their pets with necessary care, and address client concerns regarding their own personal safety. Below, you will find a list of necessary measures we have implemented to achieve those goals and keep All Pets the safe and welcoming environment our clients and staff have come to expect and appreciate.

If you are experiencing lethargy, cough, fever, sore throat, or respiratory symptoms, or if anyone in your household or that you are in close contact with has been diagnosed with COVID-19, PLEASE DO NOT ENTER THE HOSPITAL. If you already have a scheduled appointment and are not feeling well, call our main line at 828-645-5252 to reschedule your appointment to a later date, schedule a home pickup, or arrange for someone else to bring your pet in for care.

All clients will be offered the opportunity to pre-order and pre-pay for any needed supplies, food or medications in advance so that they have what they need.

Call us today at 828-645-5252 to order any needed supplies.

We strongly encourage clients to pursue curbside pickup of products or refills. Just give us a call when you pull up during normal business hours and we will bring any of your product, food or refills out to you with a smile!

If you are unable to pick up needed supplies, home delivery (free of charge within 5 miles of the clinic) of ordered food or medications is available during active states of emergency.

We are more than happy to mail or ship products for a nominal charge as well.

We strongly encourage drop-off appointments or in-car appointments. Using this approach, you will stay in your car and have us come to you, we will take your pet into the hospital, assess them and perform any necessary services, then return them to your car. This approach minimizes time spent in our lobby and minimizes personal contact with other people.

We have access to services that allow for the possibility of remotely accessing our veterinarians using video conference technology. Although this service is limited in scope, in some cases it allows us to remotely diagnose a mild problem or perform a routine recheck. This allows you to have questions answered without even leaving the comfort of your own home! Give us a call and ask us how it works and let us help determine if it is a good fit for your situation.

All of our staff are required to maintain strict sanitary protocols, including hourly disinfection of all hard surfaces in our hospital facility, wearing gloves when dealing with clients, and even protective face masks in some cases. A strict protocol screening staff for disease exposure is implemented to ensure that there is no risk of exposure to you and your family.

No evidence of transmission from humans to pets or vice versa has been documented to date.

Welcome to All Pets Animal Hospital and Rehabilitation Center

All Pets Animal Hospital and Rehabilitation Center provides quality, comprehensive health care to pets in the Asheville, North Carolina, area. Our compassionate veterinarians have many years of combined experience in preventative healthcare, as well as diagnosing and treating illness and disease. Our cutting-edge practice includes the latest in veterinary technology, which aids our doctors in providing the best care available for your pet.

The broad range of cutting-edge technology and veterinary services offered at All Pets Animal Hospital and Rehabilitation Center makes our practice the right choice for your pet. Rehabilitation therapy is available for pets recovering from surgery, injury, and disease. Additionally, our hospital has an advanced diagnostic laboratory and digital x-ray system to quickly and accurately assesses our patients, meaning treatment can begin immediately if necessary. Our surgical suite includes the latest in monitoring equipment and surgical tools to assist our veterinarians in providing the best possible care to your pet. Pain prevention and management are the primary goals for our patients at All Pets Animal Hospital and Rehabilitation Center, as our caring veterinarians understand our pets feel pain in much the same way we do as people.

Our caring doctors prevent and treat pain with the most safe and efficacious products available, as well as provide laser therapy for certain chronic painful issues. Additional services include dental care, dermatology assessments and treatments, and nutritional counseling. Microchipping of pets is always recommended at All Pets Animal Hospital and Rehabilitation Center, to provide your precious pet a form of permanent identification which will give them a more significant opportunity to be returned home in the event they become lost. Finally, All Pets Animal Hospital and Rehabilitation Center offers a comprehensive pharmacy, complete with competitively priced products which are guaranteed by the manufacturer of the medication.

At All Pets Animal Hospital and Rehabilitation Center, we understand you have a choice in where you take your constant pet for care. Our compassionate and experienced veterinarians, advanced tools and equipment, and competitive pricing make our clinic the leader in the Asheville area for veterinary care. Allow up to provided quality and compassionate care for the life of your precious pet and schedule an appointment with us today!

Our Mission

We provide better care because Asheville is our Home and our neighbors matter. We believe that every interaction reflects the passion we feel for animals and the compassion that your family truly deserves.

Thank You All For Helping Us Celebrate!

The Asheville Humane Society fundraiser held during our 25th year anniversary party was a huge success! We were able to present them with a check for $1000!!! THANK YOU to all who were able to be part of our celebration!!

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