Veterinary Physical Rehabilitation

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When should Pet Physical Rehabilitation be Used?

Benefits of Pet Physical Rehabilitation

Canine Rehabilitation; Hydrotherapy for Dogs

By utilizing properties of water in combination with advanced technology, the HP 200 Underwater Treadmill delivers enhanced therapeutic recovery for post-op patients and a unique training environment for physical fitness and water therapy for dogs with unparalleled results. Underwater treadmill therapy allows the patient to confidently exercise in a low impact environment while offering full control of the session. Hydrotherapy for dogsThe underwater treadmill uses hydrotherapy for dogs to decrease stress on joints through buoyancy while building strength, endurance, and range of motion through resistance.

Warm water (80-85 F) is filled to the desired height to provide buoyancy, decrease weight-bearing pain, increased blood circulation while relaxing muscles, and gentle support for ambulation. The water treadmill for dogs is started slowly, and the animal walks naturally in a warm water environment. Owners stand at the front with treats and encouragement, and most animals quickly learn to love the experience while they receive their canine rehabilitation. As muscles and tendons relax in the warm water, mobility of stiff arthritic joints improves. Animals using the underwater treadmill for a variety of conditions begin to ambulate better increasing strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Balancing Disc and Peanut

The Balancing Disc and the Peanut is used for core strengthening, increase flexibility, neuromuscular facilitation, sensory and perceptual stimulation, joint alignment, and balance control.

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